New Location for Intermission Receptions

A new location for our intermission receptions at the Broward Center has been selected. It is a lovely space directly off the theater and is inside (great for bad weather). Previously it was used for  an automobile show room. Linda Balent made the arrangements and provided the following information.

“As you go from your seat in the orchestra up the ramp to the exit aisle, everyone turns to the right to go to the Peck courtyard.  If you go to the left, you would go to the parking lot.  BUT if you go this way and instead of exiting you look to the right  there is a beautiful lobby with a pink marble floor and two sides of glass.  It is the right corner of the building It used to be a car showroom.  It is where we will have our intermission wine.  It is lovely!  No stairs and close to our seats.  We are inside not outside in case of rain or cold.”

We will be adding a diagram and photos so you can enjoy the new space.