Lyrical Luncheons 2011-12

Photos by Betty Young

Congratulations and thanks to Justin Moss and Chair Liz Hopwood on a wonderful series of Lyrical Luncheons!!! From the beautiful setting of the Hyatt Regency Pier Six Sixty Pier Top to the delicious luncheons and lovely centerpieces, Liz provided us with an ideal atmosphere for the wealth of opera knowledge Justin shared with us.

All three lectures were well-attended. At our first in October, Justin, with audio and video demonstration introduced us to the operatic form originating in Spain, known as Zarzuela. This is directly descended from Viennese operetta. In January, we learned about the 39 operas of Verdi and the 10 operas of Puccini.

At our last Lyrical Luncheon in March, Justin discussed the difference between French Grand Opera and the Italian operatic tradition. He illustrated this with several arias from the French composers Gounod, Bizet and Massanet, so we are well prepared for the up-coming opera Romeo et Juliette.

Bravo and thanks, once more, to the duo of Justin and Liz!!! If you missed these events this year, plan to attend next season!  Enjoy the photos!!!!

[svgallery name=”Lyrical_Luncheon_2012_03″]

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