Opera is for Everyone!

Barry Rabinowitz – Vice President, Public Relations

Can you remember your 1st Opera??

I can because it was the opening of a new world for me.

My ex-wife was an Opera Singer and she always wanted to take me to the Opera.

I loved jazz and rock and always declined.

One day she bought tickets for Madame Butterfly and I reluctantly agreed to go.

I was in awe at what I was missing. Guess what?? I cried at the end.

That was over 30 years ago, and I have attended Opera while living in NY, Ca, and now in Florida.

How can we love Opera??

You don’t need special training and special intellect.  What matters is your emotional response.  You won’t like everything, but once you hear something that calls out to you, it will tell you something about yourself.

Once you enter its domain and it enters yours, it will become a life partner.

Opera is for Everyone.

Barry Rabinowitz 

Vice President, Public Relations

The Opera Society

3 thoughts on “Opera is for Everyone!

  1. And I can still remember going to my first opera—La Traviata—at The Met with my high school class almost 60 years ago. I loved the costumes and scenery. We have since passed our love for music on to our children. Thank you, Barry, for that “remembrance”.
    Linda Grabowski

  2. I watched my first opera,Barber of Seville on a Thanksgiving after on my family’s brand new black and white television in 1953

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