Opera is for Everyone!

Linda Balent, Corresponding Secretary

Can you remember your 1st Opera??

I can because I was an Ophthalmology Resident at Boston University.  

Dr. Mohandas Kini, Head of the Retina Department, was an opera lover.  Every spring, he would bring all the residents to see The Metropolitan Opera when they performed in Boston.  It was Cavalleria Rusticana and I Pagliacci (Cav-Pag).  Many of the residents were unmoved but I was riveted.  I loved music and played an instrument throughout high school and was a singer in high school choruses and college choirs.  

I have had season tickets to the opera since I moved here in 1982 after residency. So now I sit in the audience and dream of having the vocal gifts that the FGO singers possess and share with us. 

Linda Balent

Corresponding Secretary

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