Our Second ZOOM Wine Tasting!!

Above are the three wines featured in the Opera Society Zoom wine taste.

Edibles in place and laptop ready.

We began with an introduction by our wine coach, Victoria Jones. We started with a sparkling wine embodying everything wonderful about a perfectly ripe Peach! Great for a brunch with a very low alcohol of 7%, we agreed it also tasted of sparkling mango, apricot and pear!

Our second wine was from the Cotes de Gascogne region of France. It’s touch of sweetness was reflected in fine aromas of lime and green apples. Loved pairing it with cheese and crackers! And it is a beauty bottle framed in spring flowers.
Our final taste of the evening was of lovely red wine from Sicily, packaged in an unusual wrapper. It had a slightly spicy and fruity bouquet everyone loved!
Thank you PRP wines and our enthusiastic tasters!

Melanie Camp

Left to right, top to bottom: Jan Solomon, Melanie Camp, Patrice Tedescko, Sommelier Victoria Jones, Roger and Isobel Sturgeon, and Brana Nemeth

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