President’s Message

Kim Naimoli, President of The Opera Society

Another Opera season is upon us. The meetings, the luncheons, the parties and more time spent together. The dawn of a new season always makes me reflect on how important friends, family and relationships are in my life.

As I watch my daughter grow into a charming, responsible young adult, I wonder what will be important to her with each new season.

I think of many of my fellow Opera Society members as part of my family and often wonder what is important to each of them? How do we attract young people to our board? How will we grow? What is our legacy?

This year I am committed to listening to the desires of our Board Members and Membership and finding a way to achieve those goals. We have already begun by initiating a 1st annual Membership cocktail party to encourage new members to join our organization.

This party was held on July 29th, 2011. It successfully brought in many new members. I am grateful to all who participated, especially Ruth Molina who graciously offered her beautiful home as the venue.

Just think of what the future will bring!

In true “Diva” fashion we will have the Diva and Impresario luncheon on February 23rd with Barbara Copanos and Carol Frei co-chairing. It is always a luncheon that everyone looks forward to. We will have lots of “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” parties and Lyrical Luncheons as well.

There are many opportunities for committee participation so don’t let these opportunities pass you by. If you have a special talent or hold something near and dear to your heart, please let me know.

Remember, participation in The Opera Society is not about achieving Results, it’s about the opportunity to advance our fund-raising efforts and learn by the journey. It’s a journey not undertaken by the small-minded or weak, but one taken by the undaunted, the stubborn, and the fun loving!

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again, as we reconvene for the year.

Yours truly,


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