President’s Message 2020-21

Dear Members,

Welcome to The Opera Society. The Opera Society is dedicated to building community through support of that pinnacle of performing arts, opera. Opera combines all the performing arts into one gorgeous production: symphony, ballet, and stories of Shakespearean depth. The Opera Society creates events to foster this community and to raise funds for Florida Grand Opera (FGO) which performs in Broward County as well as Miami-Dade.

Whether you are new to opera or a lifelong fan, this is the group for you. Newbies can learn from lifelong fans. And lifelong fans can relive their initial joys of discovering opera for the first time by sharing experiences with others.

During this pandemic the performing arts have been devastated. Artists are in desperate need. Performances of grand operas have been postponed and canceled around the country. Florida Grand Opera has also been badly affected. And although FGO has retained a few Studio Artists to create an opera film which to start an in school educational program to foster enthusiasm for opera in the next generation, staff has been slashed to the barest minimum. Those still employed are working longer hours at big pay cuts. They need our help now more than ever. Unfortunately the earliest a staged production by FGO could happen is spring 2021. With information about infection rates, testing techniques and efficacy, and vaccine availability and efficacy changing rapidly, so, too, could the date of a staged opera and its venue. 

Still The Opera Society will strive to create in-person and live events so we can meet and share our love of this art form.  News of events will be sent electronically so be sure you are allowing our emails and notices to get to you. You can update your email preferences at our website. We have already scheduled events for November and December. FGO is having concerts in Broward during those months as well. Other events are being planned for January, February and on into summer 2021. Stay tuned!

I welcome new ideas and input. I hope you will call me with any issues. My cell phone is listed in our directory. I would love to hear from you. I close with best wishes for all of you to stay healthy and to see you soon.

Sincerely yours,

Isobel Sturgeon

1 thought on “President’s Message 2020-21

  1. I have this nagging feeling I neglected to renew my 20-21 membership, nor did I receive the 20-21 directory.
    I believe my partner, Axel Leichum, purchased tickets for the 11/19 performance at the yacht club. Please confirm.
    Thank you,

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