The Fall Membership Luncheon

Daphnee A. Sainvil, City of Fort Lauderdale Government & External Affairs Manager, presents Proclamation to Barbara Copanos
Barbara Copanos presented flowers by The Opera Society!
Susan Danis, Daphnee Sanvil, Barbara Copanos, Per Loof, Phillip Dunlap, Claire Crawford
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Florida Grand Opera CEO and General Manager, Susan Danis, gives us a season update!
The Opera Society President, Claire Crawford and Florida Grand Opera Chairman of the Board of Directors, Per Loof, address the guests

Please enjoy the photos of the many guests!!!

Dr.Jan Solomon, Sophie Tai and Harvey Padden
President Claire Crawford, Judith Doering and Dr. Gloria Kline
Helena Caplan, Tracy Roloff, Anna Tranakis, and Barbara Copanos
Dr Alvan Balent, Dr. Linda Balent, Ryan Hamilos, Dr. Jovana Vukovic
Suzanne Kayyali, Amber Cabrera, Daphnee Sainvil and Chris Ingalls
Elizabeth Lycke, Liannette Marquez, Jacqueline Niehaus, Marguerite Celesia
FGO BOD Chair Per Loof, Robin Blackwell, Broward Cultural Division Chair Phillip Dunlap
Dr Peter Johnson and Carol Frei
Phyliss Steinberg, Society Editor of “Around Town” and KayeLynne Northcutt
Willie Riddle, Nancy Voneida, Barbara Copanos, Tracy Roloff, Anna Tranakas, Ryan Hamilos
Barbara Copanos, Ryan Hamilos, KayeLynne Northcutt, Linda Balent, Willie Riddle
Willie Riddle of GENVAS Venetian Arts Society and KayeLynne Northcutt

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