It is a rewarding experience to be a part of The Opera Society. Our board members and volunteers are all dedicated and committed to our projects and events. They are very resourceful in helping us to expand our mission.

We are a group of people who love opera, love people, and care deeply about educating the next generation. Participation with The Opera Society is a symbiotic relationship, equally benefiting both the organization and the individual.

The Opera Society welcomes you. Below is a list of volunteer opportunities available. Never feel that you are alone. There are experienced people to help you as a new volunteer and we welcome any committee members that you choose to help you.

Please consider volunteering for The Opera Society in one or more of the following areas:

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner Host: Give a lunch, dinner, tea or brunch in your home, club or restaurant for as many or few people as you would like. It is a wonderful opportunity to get to know other members of The Opera Society more closely. Events can be hosted anytime from November to April.

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner Journal Chair: If you are a “foodie” you will enjoy this position. It entails registering people to have a GWCTD event and working with the printer to prepare a reservation book of all the GWCTD events. This is mailed to all members in the Fall.

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner Reservations: This entails taking reservations and payment for the various GWCTD events throughout the year.

New Member Social Chairs: This position requires the Chairs to find 3 local venues for our “New Member Socials”, send invitations and arrange food and beverages. The purpose of these events is to reach out to the community and register new members to The Opera Society.

Pre-Opera Cocktail Parties: This position requires the Chairs (and Committee) to find 3 local venues for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres before the 3 operas of the coming season.

Lyrical Luncheons: Assist the Chair with invitations and event planning.

Fall Membership Luncheon Chair (October): The Fall Membership Luncheon is a membership event that pretty much kicks off the season. The Chair for this event will find a venue selecting the menu and price. Plan and organize the event speakers. Designing the invitation and taking registrations. Inviting people to help mail out the invitations.

Holiday Party (December):  The Chair and committee will find a venue with dancing, plan the menu, arrange invitations to be sent and any other aspects of the event like a silent auction or raffle.

Mad Hatter’s Tea (March): Selecting a venue including menu and price, planning the hat competition with judges. Design the invitation and take registrations and invite people to help mail the invitation.

Spring Membership/Installation of Officers ( May): Planning the venue, menu and price. Invitations and registrations and mailing with a group of your choice.

In School Opera Committee  (January): Attend an In-School Opera and bring breakfast to the eight members of the cast and crew of the production at various local Elementary schools.<!–More about In-School Opera–>

Website Writer: Writing articles for the website and news letter can be a lot of fun. This entails coming up with a subject related to The Opera Society and writing about it. You can write about a past event, a future event, an idea or an Opera. Experience with MS Word is helpful.

Event photographer: Take pictures of an event for use in the website and newsletter. Decent camera and photography skills required.

Proof Reader: Proof readers read all ads and articles prior to publishing in the newsletter and website. This person should have good grammatical and spelling skills.

Membership Committee: Assist Vice President Membership to increase membership, prepare the Directory, maintain correct information

Public Relations Committee: Assist Vice President PR with articles and photos to be included in various local publications and keep our historical records

Newsletter: Help organize the newsletter for publication to our membership

Mailing Committee: Help mail out invitations for events.  Very fun to talk and get to know each other.

Telephone Committee: Call members to advise them of various events and other opportunities.

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