FGO Young Artists 2009

Ashley AndersonBenjamin ClementsAmanda CriderJonathan MichieJulia_EbnerDavid Bailey

Under the guidance of a staff of working professionals, FGO Young Artists work with renowned artists and teachers from every aspect of the opera world while gaining valuable mainstage performance experience.

The Florida Grand Opera Young Artist Studio targets those skills necessary to develop a successful opera career. Singers attend classes concentrating on vocal interpretation, acting, style, language, and movement, receive regular individual coaching sessions , and participate in coachings, masterclasses and seminars given by acclaimed guest artists and teachers.

Young Artists have the opportunity to perform or cover mainstage roles, take part in community and school performances, perform concerts and recitals in many of Miami’s renowned museums and halls. Regular auditions and Q&A sessions are set up with visiting Artists Managers.

The Apprentice Coach works extensively with the Young Artists and visiting musical staff. Duties include coaching the Young Artists, taking part in concerts and recitals, accompanying chorus rehearsals and some mainstage performances, creating the supertitle scripts and calling supertitles for each performance.

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