Noorina Mirza

Noorina MirzaNoorina Mirza made the United States her home 32 years ago. She was born in Pakistan, where her first 10 years of schooling in a convent run by French and English nuns established the two main interests she has followed since then: couture techniques as only the French have mastered, and a love of English literature.

In 1976, she married her childhood sweetheart, Tasneem, who had just completed medical college. Both moved to New York City where he joined a Pediatrics-Neonatology program. Noorina attended The Fashion Institute, as well as New York University, where she earned master’s degrees in English and Philosophy, and was working on her Doctoral dissertation when her older son, Khurram, made his appearance. Another precious son, Kassim, followed a few years later.

On a visit to Disney World, the family fell in love with sunny Florida. Tas initially worked at Holy Cross Hospital in Neonatology, and now has his own Pediatrics practice. With two young children in school, Norrina began giving her time to many philanthropic and cultural organizations. She has been involved with:

  • Holy Cross Hospital Auxiliary
  • The Philharmonic
  • American Cancer Society
  • The Opera Society
  • Friends of the Museum of Art
  • Paws
  • The Dolphin Aid Society

and has been president of the Broward International Women’s Club. She has also been on the Board of Advisors for Nova Southeastern University.

After Hurricane Andrew pummeled South Florida, she joined in the reconstruction effort by writing a book, Before and After Hurricane Andrew, and donating the entire proceeds to the hurricane relief effort.

To indulge her passion for designing and to help raise funds for her various causes, she began to “donate” cultural shows, in which historical and contemporary costumes from her country of origin were painstakingly created and exhibited as a tableau. She created and presented such events, from props to costumes to cuisine, for The Opera Society’s “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner”, and for various cultural events held by the Broward International Women’s Club. The most extravagantly exquisite of such events was presented at the Friends of the Museum of Art’s “Tea in the Garden of Kings.”

With both boys in high school, Noorina began to design professionally. Now, with a son in medical college and another working towards his MBA, she divides her time between home, various fund raising activities and her business.

Both Noorina and Tas enjoy traveling, and have traveled extensively in China, India, Turkey, Greece, Italy, England, Morocco and Spain. They have also visited Switzerland, Germany, Bulgaria and the Ukraine. They share their home with two adorable English Bulldogs, Emma and Isabella.